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porcelaine egg box

Completely hand painted

Porcelain pillbox, very French, available in all sizes and colours.
Here at the Atelier Porcelaine, we have selected a Limoges manufacture
providing us with heart or egg-shaped models, which we can then decorate
as we wish.

For example, flowers or butterflies.
We can add onto a classic porcelain pill box another porcelain design,
and so it becomes yours…

Small porcelain boxes for pills, jewels, for collections, for chocolates….
For your collections discover
our porcelain eggs of many different sizes.
A flagship of the Limoges porcelain

The Atelier Porcelaine also works in perfect cooperation with small artisanal manufactures, together we transform pieces to make new unique models.
The fastening device on our boxes is also created in Limoges, manually and customised in order for it to be perfectly adapted to the porcelain piece.
Our “hemstitched” models are made on our demand and in a traditional and artisanal way.
Each piece is therefore a true jewel of craftsmanship and mastery.

Discover our different designs in the Shop.

egg  fine porcelain box
heart box with necklace black

Made to order

Give a personalised porcelain present.
Teeth boxes celebrate the birth of our children, boxes for a baptism, communion or wedding...
Heart, butterfly or flower shaped, please ask for what you would prefer.
Perforated to turn them into scent-burners, or mounted into music boxes, they are each time exceptional and unique objects.
Celebrate your 20th anniversary porcelain wedding with our personalised boxes, and discover the collection “Passion coquelicots” for your 8th wedding anniversary?


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